Slow and steady..

I am checking in with my two loyal followers to give a progress report of how our adventure is going.. First off, if you know me at all you know that A- I am a very scheduled person.  I love structure, schedules and a game plan! And B- I am not super patient... So this experience is teaching me how to let go a little (I mean a lot!!) and patients.  Lots and lots of patients!!

You see, we are bunking up at my in-laws in Lehi, (bless their hearts!) and I am commuting everyday to take the kids to school in Springville.  The drive is not bad, it's the whole 1/2 day kindergarten thing that is killing me!!! I drop both kids off in the morning and then have to hang out. Between pick ups.  All day.  Luckily the barn is close by.  It's my saving grace!!

And Oaks usually passes out somewhere in between..

So here is what our little "fixer upper" looks like right now. We are having to go room by room in some cases because we had to move all our stuff there (I would have just stored it but the hubs did not want to have to move it again and wanted to save $.. If you ask me it it would have been worth the $$, but then again that's probably why I am not in chargešŸ˜³). Soo, because we have ALL our stuff there it's being shuffled from room to room as they get done.. ( but he did not want to move it twice. Soo.... Lol!  I still love him!)

Here is the front room.  We ripped off the lovely blinds, scraped the ceiling and sanded the paneling.  Just little bit of work makes it look so much better!!

It's gonna look awesome when it's all painted and trimmed out! I love our little mail slot by the front door.  Sure it may be a little ghetto but I love it!!

Here is one of the kids bedrooms.. Like I said, we had to move stuff around..
But it gives you an idea of the paint and trim.  Such a change from before! 

This next one is of the kids bath, or the original ONLY bath in the house before the addition.. The tub is a cast iron tub that the previous owners refinished.. Because that thing ain't ever coming out!! All we did here was paint the beadboard, layed new tile, added a new toilet and soon to be new fixtures.. There is still some work to be done, but not much.

Here is the kitchen.. Yikes!!!
We are refinishing the cabinets and the rest is getting an overhaul!!! It's kind of a lot to take in but it will come together nicely! Right? 

Here is the family room, not much has been done other than scraping the ceiling and ripping out carpet..
It's more like a "holding room for now..

This is the new master bath.  It used to be the laundry/bathroom but as you can see.. That has changed.  We removed the "laundry" part and will be moving that to the basement.  It's amazing how much bigger it already looks!

 Now for the outside... My amazing husband is giving the exterior a major overhaul!  He put in a new paver walkway, sprinklers, curbing and now shrubs.  I may have caught him in the act... There is more to do in landscaping but this is not shabby for a day's work;)

 There is still a lot more to go.... A new liitle front porch, colums, trim, window boxes, paint and a few new light fixtures.

Now you can see why I have not been sewing.. Because we are living out of boxes!!! But it's been fun soo far.  I'll let you know where my patients stand in another week...

I am booking for Nov/Dec and I still have a few pieces of furniture left from Swiss Days.  Contact me if you want on the schedule! I'll be itching to get back to sewing and having a regular schedule!!!

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