Rumble in the "fabric" jungle..

So my mom sent me a text yesterday telling me they had sold the "yellow" chair over the weekend.  I was super stoked!  I thought to myself, "One down, 3 to go!"  For those of you who don't know or remember, I participated in Swiss Days this year and had 4 chairs made for Slipcovers.  They were well received but not an impulse buy.. Which I knew.  So after Swiss Days was over my mom offered to put them in the floor at The Emporium at Thanksgiving Point. 

This is what the chairs look like:
I had 1 of the blue floral, one yellow and a pair of the grey and white print.  Pretty great!

Well saturday a customer came in and bought the yellow chair.  So fast forward to Monday.  I get my moms text that it sold. But then about an hour later she called me with thee best story ever!!  She called to tell me that they had an "incident" saturday regarding one of my chairs... "Incident"??!  What?!  

Apparently there were two customers fighting over the yellow chair!  I just about died when she told me!! I guess one lady was looking at it wanting to buy it while the other was paying for it.  One thing lead to another and a kurfufle broke out.  The lady that bought it ended up just grabbing it and took it to her car!! Who knew yellow and white fabric would have such a reaction!!

But don't you worry, there was a peaceful ending. The customer that was unable to buy them ended up buying not one but two of my chairs to have the exact same Slipcovers made for them!  So that means I have one, left... For now.  I have lowered the price to $799 per chair and you can pick from the blue floral or the pair of grey and white chairs(which will have a delay because one chair will need to be built..)..or you can choose your own fabric;)


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