I Today was going to be the "perfect" day! I had it aranged so that I could get mucho stuff done today.  Both kids dropped off at school. My kindergartener would go play with Her favorite Aunt and cousin after school.  Heck, she was even going to pick her up!  That means for me, I have from 8:45am till about 2:45pm to be as productive as an be!  Getting a morning ride on my horse, because the weather we are having is marvelous and I know the days are numbered...  Next, off the my work space to finish up a few projects and start more and then, start chipping away at the Christmas shopping.  Perfect day! 
But alas.. It was almost too perfect.  I got to about 11:00am on the schedule when I got a call from the school, my 2nd grader has a high fever and he does not feel good. So now, everything must wait! Luckily my little guy was just a little warm, nothing a soup and time with mom and a little snuggles can't fix;). These are the moments that as a mother, I would never trade!  Nothing is better than being needed by your children or loved ones! So today turned out to be not so "perfect", but absolutely positively PERFECT!

I am sure that yesterday's activities of hauling my poor kids around after school to do drop off and an outing at IKEA had nothing to do with his fever.  I am sure of it;) So here you are, #1... This cute little settee was a $45 find on ksl.  My client saw its potential, and not was she spot on!  Here is the before
Pretty cute! Well she washed up some natural linen, which I love and had me add a box pleat skirt to it to kick it up a notch!  I love how it turned out!  She was thrilled at the results as well.  So thrilled that she sent a picture to the lady she bought it from!!  
#2 on the list was dropping off 4 dining room seat cushion that I made for a client who bough a few of my chairs.  She wanted a white cushion with a gathered skirt and big fat ties.  I really love these seat cushions! 
Soo fun!  She moved her other chairs over by the fireplace, they look so good together!
#3 I also covered these two little ottomans for a cute friend!  She was ready for a change, and a change is what she got! Before
They look fantastic!  I ran Velcro under to keep them secure and now she can pop them off any time for a quick cleaning!

I am pretty h booked up they the first part of February, contact me if you are wanting to get on my schedule!  I still have a few spots left in my workshop for the end of January.  I hope you all are getting you shopping done, cause I sure am not!  Not at this rate anyways...

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