She cray

Soo... this summer. Ya.. I lost all sense of structure and order.  I basically ran around with my head cut off because I just seem to take on more that I should at times.. But now that my kids are in school all day I feel some order creeping back in and I am loving every minute of it!  I am no longer crazy!

I thought Id do a summer catch up and give you a little insight as to why things were soo cray..

I decided this year I would get back into showing horses.  It my love and passion!  I have been riding since I was 8 years old.  I did not come from a family of farmers or horse people.  More like golfers and country club goers.. so when my parents gave me riding lessons thinking it was a phase, like piano and dance, they did not realize what would happen!  Ya... I love it and yes, its a rich mans sport loved by the poor.  Just a word of warning to parents that think ponies are a phase, its not.. it very real.  VERY VERY REAL!  Just ask my parents... lol!

So I showed a few times this summer (July) on my horse I raised form a yearling to a now 7 year old.  We did fantastic this season and got qualified for our region's championships which are in Scottsdale next month.  I can't wait!

Oh do I love it!! And we may have picked up a little mount for my daughter...
Mr. Al Capony! He may be small, like the size a large great dane.. but boy does he pack a punch of personality in that small little body!  I may be more in love with him than Oakley..

End of July I headed to Europe for 2 weeks with my mom, aunt, sis-in-law, her sister, her sis-in-law and mom.. ya follow?  It was the ultimate girls trip for sure!  We hit Ireland, Wales, London and Paris and boy oh boy was it an adventure!  The pictures say it all... Bless you selfie stick!  I am a believer!

We basically rode planes, trains, automobiles, buses, metros and bikes.. oh and boats on our trip and walked about 18 miles a day when we hit Paris.  We came, we laughed, we ate we shopped and we conquered Europe!  We had a blast!  I love all these ladies to death!

I also had a booth up at Swiss Days this year. I had soo much fun that I just had to do it again!  I sold thru all my furniture by noon on day one!  I was shocked!  Luckily one of the cute ladies lived in midway and let me hold on to her chairs till the end of the event so I had something to show in my booth.  I had over 175 stuffed pillows and sold thru 3/4's of them.  I was super happy with how it went and I love LOVED meeting new friends and shocking people over my slipcovers!  Their faces were priceless when they realized the furniture was slipcovered and not upholstered!  totally worth it just for the reactions.

My tent was packed to the brim with pillows, pure eye candy for those who have a pillow and fabric obsession!  I know I enjoyed hanging out in there.

We also hit up our annual couples lake Powell trip and that never disappoints!  Even with a broken engine on the house boat... This is one of our most favorite trips we take all year!!  It was soo great that we literally only snapped 8 pictures between 9 couples.. Yikes!

I also worked thru my busy summer and tried to remember to take pictures.

My client loved this fabric soo much she went and had me cover 6 parsons chairs for her dining room!  I never get sick of this print.
I also covered a pair of these KSL finds.  Someone had attempted to "reupholster" them, but not really, the basically covered the existing fabric with loose fabric, tucked it in and stapled it down.. so it was a KSL win in my book!  Rolled arms and caster feet.. ya, pure gold if you ask me.  I cut off the upholstery attempt and slipcovered it right up.  We used a grey/blue fabric that wears super nice and looks even better!

i am working on another set of chair for this client this week that are going to be pink!!  And amazing if you ask me..

This next chair is one of two, they came to me with these great chairs but had been warn out by their little dog.  He owns the chairs and over the years has worn holes in the arms and backs.  They chose the same linen I used on my couch and chairs because it wears really well and its super functional!

He approves of his new chairs..

I worked on many things this summer but this was all I was able to document.  I have a full load this fall and will promise to get back to my regular posting schedule for my 3 followers!  I am sure you have been missing me...

I am starting to book for November and will be working till about the first week in December... dare I say the Holidays.. yet.  anyways, if you are wanting stuff done before those holiday parties contact me now cause I can only pull off a few miracles at a time if you wait till the last minute!

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