ruffles and pleats

This past week I was busy working on a few different clients' pieces and al of them either had ruffles or pleats!  there must have been a memo that went around and I was the last to get it..  Lets start out twitch the quilted chair.  when I posted the before of this chair on instagram, people thought this was the finished product.. lol!  Well folks, I hate to burst your bubble.  Its not!  My client wanted a change from the red and white and shifted to grey and pleats.

Her fabric was a heavy upholstery fabric, which will wear great but was a bugger to work with.  There was absolutely NO give in this fabric.  But I made it work!

Next up, a pair of these red gingham chairs...
My client had a pair of these which go with another pair of grey chairs I finished up a few weeks ago.  My client was brave and picked a really fun pink fabric.  I really love how they turned out.  She wanted a pleated skirt of some sort so I gave her 2" knife pleats and bam!

I love how these chairs turned out!  They will make the perfect accent piece to go with grey, plus it will put a smile on your face when you walk in the room.. bonus!

Next, box pleats... I have said it before and  I 'll say it again.  I LOVE me a good camel back couch!!  My cute client found this couch on a FB yardsale for $50!!  Its a steal if you ask me!
Some people look at this and think "Ew!" but  i say "yes please!"  Its amazing!  I sewed the two seat cushions together and wrapped them in batting to create one long cushion.  My client needed a formal couch for her formal front room and and she found the perfect fabric that matched perfectly with the her decor!

My client was floored when she came to pick it up.  Even her husband was speechless.  Thats when you know you friggin rocked that job!  She was soo happy with how it turned out.  I am telling you people.  Slipcovers are amazing and you all need one in your life!

I also finished up the second chair to a pair i've had for a client for a while and now she is finally all finished up!  Remember this chair?

 Well here it is looking mucho better!  She used a green and neutral seer sucker fabric that worked perfect for this chair!  I did a ruffled skirt and had just enough fabric for a few pillows.  I can't wait to see it in the room with the other pieces Ive done for her!

I have also been busting out a few pillows and cushions.. because people are always needing those!

Needless to say this print was a hit at Swiss Days!  I have a few more yards left if you are wanting some pillows made.  They are pretty rad and you need one in your house. 

My november is just about booked out, so... if you are wanting slipcovers made before the holidays you better holler at me now!  Have a great Monday!

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