Remember National Lampoons Vacation?  Great flick!  Do you remember the family station wagon?  Even better!
there she is.. in all her glory! now fast forward thru the movie... and you get this.
Oops..  Ya. Well thats how I feel about this banquet settee I just finished for a client.  She sent me this link to a picture of here settee she wanted to slipcover.  Cute right?  Well after being put thru the ringer the white upholstery did not hold out...when she brought me the settee she had to take the legs off to get it in her car.  Even better! 

 I was dying when I got it up on totes so I could work on it.  All I could think of was good old Clark Griswold and his family station wagon.. I love a good a challenge and she loves here settee so.. she brought  me her fabric and I got to work!  Here is is now, minus legs.. and its pretty dang fabulous if you ask me!

I had some fabric left over so she had me make some pillows to match!  Mucho Mucho Better!!

My schedule is filling up folks and pretty soon you are gonna be s. o. l. if you want something done for the holidays.  Hurry and get on my list before you have to wait until next year!  Ew... did i just say  next year!?

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