Pillow Talk

Can I just say...My clients are the best!!! Cute Katie came to me to make some pillows for her. Amanda, who happens to be amazing, was the one who told her about me! Katie had some fabulous fabric she had been hanging on to for a while and now was the time to turn stack of random fabric into some pretty rockin pillows! I just love the prints she went with! Did I mention she is super smart too. She went to ikea and bought white curtain panels to be used as the backs for the pillows. Because she did that, she was able to stretch her fabric further, we were able to get 2 pillows out of each yard instead of 1 that was front and back. Here I did the fun paisley pillow and the black and white moroccan print behind. So fun! Here I did the cute little bolster pillow out of the left over paisley print. i could not get over this awesome geometric print! We did 7 pillows total. I can't wait to see the room with all the pillows together! **Just a reminder....my prices will be going up in the next few weeks, so hurry and book now so you can get my CURRENT pricing for all your future projects! Thats how much I love my clients!!**

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