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Because my hubby is one of eleven kids (8 boys, 3 girls) I get the joy of having 10 super awesome sister-in-laws! And speaking of sis-in-laws. Tammy, who is super crafty called me up because she was contemplating slipcovering her family room couch and love seat. She has had these couches for ever! But they were old and tired.. She wanted a new look but was not ready to fork over the $$ to buy new ones, especially if they are going to be building a new home in the near future.. I am always happy to come to the slipcover rescue! (Um… Jackie - another sis-in-law. I promise I have not forgot about your cushions.. You will have them soon. well. sooner than later..)Anyways, She sent me a picture of her couches and a picture of what she had in mind for them to look like.

Here is what we were dealing with.:
Not bad. Comfy, just dated. This is what she wanted them to look like:

Nice and light and casual. Its a good change! Instead of getting a brushed canvas she used painters drop cloth. It is cheaper than fabric and washes up great! The back cushions were attached on her couch so we cut them off. Nobody likes saggy cushions that can't be fluffed. Nobody! We also added a simple box skirt to finish off the look. I sent her finished slipcovers up with my husband Monday so she had to put them on herself. I am not gonna lie.. I always get a little nervous when I can't put the finished slipcovers on to make sure they fit perfect. But she nailed it! Here is what they look like now. Happy, bright and fun!

It looks great! And I love being able to help a sister out!! (Again, Jackie.. I swear I have not forgotten about you..)

I am headed up north tomorrow to drop slipcovers off and to do a few fittings. I may have 1 spot open in my schedule. Let me know if you have something you want slipcovered and can get fabric ready to go by saturday. My next trip up will be May 30th- June 1st for my sweet new little nieces' baby blessing. Contact me to get on my schedule! I also have some super fun things in the works right now and can't wait to show you what I have been up too….. Stay tuned!!

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