Hi, my name is Katie and I am a "slip-a-holic"… Seriously! I am convinced that slipcovering is a sickness. I honestly love what I do! I love that no two jobs are the same, I love the creativity of my clients and I love taking old and tired furniture and making sparkle like new! When ever I get a break in work I still have the hankering to slipcover things.. Its a problem.. I know. Yesterday I found myself in Urban Renewal, a cool local furniture shop filled with new cool furniture to the vintage stuff that is one of a kind. This lady goes cross country "picking" her way thru and bringing back the best of the best! There is also a consignment side too, so you never know what your going to find. So of course I have to go in once every few weeks just to "see" what they have. So while I was there I stumbled upon this!

Um.. are you kidding me?! I have seen this style of couch from Restoration Hardware and other high end furniture companies and they are mucho $$.

Sure it has a fugly brown corduroy slipcover on it but seriously? Take that frumpy thing off and you have a diamond! It is perfect underneath, wrapped in heavy canvas ready for a face lift. and at the price they had it marked at I had to have it. I love seeing the potential of furniture that people toss aside! Just imagine a soft yummy grey linen or subtle ticking stripe on that bad boy! (See, I told you I have a problem..) So now the dilemma, do I buy it, slip it and sell it real quick (not that i really have the time to do this, geeze!) or do I keep it for myself (like i have room) or bring it up to Swiss Days in August and show it there to sell? All I know is I have to have this couch, just to do it justice because it can be amazing!

Also, here is that fabulous red chair I finished yesterday. Remember this?

My client has a pair of these chairs wanted to change the look. These chairs are the best for slipcovering, plus these tired chair now look brand new! She chose to do a white denim slipcover with a box skirt and no piping. She went back and forth between piping and top stitching, but after visiting the Pottery Barn website she chose to do a topstitch. Good choice! I also added darts on the arms to give it a cleaner look. I love how they look so bright and happy and the topstitch adds a little bit of a casual touch. I love how they turned out!

I am working on a large sectional the rest of the week and a few chairs before I head up North next week. I will have that couch today, so if any of you can catch the vision with me, let me now if you are interested in it. I am 100% positive that it will be amazing!!!! Now, off to preschool graduation. My baby is going to be in Kindergarten in the fall!! Where has the time gone????

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