"hot sewing"

Summer time is just around the corner but here in St George its been underway for a bit now, temperature wise.. Yikes! I am trying to figure out how to survive a summer down here with kids and animals.. My goodness! Poor Bubs is already panting 24-7 and I am going to have to go ride my horse early in the morning (sorry kids! mom is dragging you to the barn mucho early…) but thats better than riding in hot sand! All the horses already have their box fans blasting into the stalls. Its actually kind of funny to see them stand in front of them.

Thank goodness for misters!!

This past weekend we hit a little hike with the kids. We felt it was time we got out and did some "adventurous" things.. Or should I say our friends Kyle and Lacy told us we were going.. But we loved it! He has a list of places we need to hike and see during the summer. Game on! We told the kids we were going to do a waterfall hike (we were hoping that there would be water there period.) They were soo excited! As we began the hike we'd see families coming back with swim gear on so we thought we were good. Wrong.. When we made it to the falls all we were left with was stagnant pools of water that I would not let my dog drink out of! the waterfalls had dried up so the whole swimming thing was a bust. Thanks hikers we past for the heads up..

We still had fun tho! The kids got to explore, climb on rocks and we even saw a bunch of little frogs in the pools. We also encountered some random groups of hikers that included families, BYU students in full safari garb hunting bugs and euro creepers..YA, we had to get a pic of them. they made the trip!

Its always an adventure with this bunch! You better believe we told the families we past with kids and inner-tubes that the falls were dry. Your welcome! After we finished the jaunt we had to go to the city splash pad so the kids could "swim"… and ya, we fit right in with our swim attire… I like to think our outing was a success! Cant wait to see whats in store for the next.

On a slipcover note, I am finishing up a pair of chairs that my hubby hauled back for one of my clients. We are giving them a new look with a white denim top stitched slipcover! Once I finish the seat cushions, I'll post a pic. It is literally a hot box during the day in my garage, so I have to sew early in the morning or later at night. Either way I sweat off a pound overtime I am out there! Some people do "hot yoga". I do "hot sewing".. To each their own..

Check back manna to see the finished slipcover! I am also working on a finishing up a sectional with a gathered skirt and another chair this week and part of next before I head back up north on the 28th. I'll be there from the 28th till the 2nd of June. Hit me up if you are wanting a slipcover fitted while I am in town!

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