burnt orange surprise!

I love a good vintage find. Especially the ones that no one else see potential in.  I have this awesome vintage burnt orange velour chair that I have yet to slipcover.  Ive had the best of intentions, just never the time.. In fact, this chair is soo orange that when we were selling our St. George house we received an offer where the buyer basically wanted all of my furniture but stated, "you can keep the orange chair..." I kid you not!  Its a glorious chair and yes, it sticks out like a sore thumb, but I see the potential in it and its gonna be amazing!

Just like my orange chair my cute client had a pair of the same type of vintage chairs!  She got them at a garage sale and paid $15 for them!  Its a steal if you ask me.. but don't ask my husband.  Anyways, the chairs already had slipcovers on them, my client just wanted something different.  She bought 5 yards of fabric for each chair and boy oh boy was that tight!  The chair cushions were not the original cushions, but oh how wonderful they were. these babies are down filled cushions that were custom made for the chairs, but they still hung over a little bit in the front.  So, I worked my magic on these orange beauties and boom!  Here is what they looked like before...

 After my magic....

I just love the lines of these little chairs!  We changed the ruffled skirt to a box skirt and I tightened up the cushions so they would not hang over as much.  I tried to match up everything I could, but I had absolutely not fabric to work with so I had to get creative!  I love the result!

She also had me make a pair of pillow covers with fringe to go with the chairs.  Its a great little combo and it will be perfect for her new home, which I am secretly jealous of because its a farm. My dream.. But I am soo excited for her! At least I can help beautify her farm, one slipcover at a time.

I am also just now getting around to posting a photo of the chair I demoed at Furniture Fest back in January.. I know, huge slacker!!! but look how cute it turned out.  I just used a Ikea parsons chair, because I needed one, and they are a good candidate to show how to make a slipcover in a short period of time.  And its the perfect size for my little nook!  I added a 2" knife pleat skirt to it because I like the exposed legs... what do you think??

A little bit of housekeeping.. my schedule is filling up fast.  Right now I have 2 remaining spots open for April but they will be filled quickly with clients who are searching for fabric. Its always first come first serve.. May the best "fabric hunter" win!  Contact me if you are waiting something slipcovered or need help figuring out how much fabric to purchase.

Lastly.... Remember my Slipcover 101 workshop???? Pretty awesome, right?! There are 4 spots open for my May 1-2 workshop ( I was planing for April 24-25 but I forgot about spring break..). The cost of the workshop is $400 and will be non-refundable and required to hold your spot in the workshop.  You'll get lunch both days and a goodie bag of things to help you start making slipcovers. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me!  You can find out more info about the class here.  Its gonna be a blast!  Plus you'll go home with a finished project made by you!

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