Back to the grind

I am happy to report that my Slipcover 101 Workshop was a blast!  I had soo much fun with my cute gals showing them the ropes of slipcovering.  I was soo impressed with all of them and they did such a wonderful job on their first slipcover!  Here are their before and afters... because they are a must!

Our first day covered how to measure the chair and prep the fabric for slipcovers and we got the seat cushions all sewn up.  Day two covered the chair fittings and sewing of the slipcovers! 

I really enjoyed getting to know these ladies and I really had a great time showing them what I love to do!  Here are their finished slipcovers and I could not have been more proud!! 

Cute Phyllis wins for getting the most beat up by the pins! 

Tracy was a hoot and a half and boy oh boy did she just zip right thru her sewing!

 Cathy was just giddy the entire time.  She was in heaven just learning and sewing for 2 days straight!!

All my ladies wanted a sleek skirt-less slipcover, so they decided they want to come back and have me teach them an advanced slipcover class.. Oh how I just love them.  They are really a fun bunch of ladies and they were just  riot to teach!

I was really happy with how the workshop turned out so I am toying with doing another one in October some time..  I just need to make it thru the rest of the summer first!

Now that the workshop is done I am back to the grind and I swear all of the sudden everyone that has ever wanted window seat cushions made has been calling me!  I have to pump out 14 window seat cushions between a few different clients in the next 2 weeks.  Did I mention that these said window seats are on average 80"-120" long?!  Not to mention a few sectionals in-between... Its good tho.. I thrive on this!  

Soo.. if you are wanting to get on my schedule you better contact me now, June is starting to fill up and I am only working the first 3 weeks in July and then nada for 3 weeks!!  So if you can't wait till mid August to get slipcovers made you better contact me asap!

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