Better After!

My Slipcover Workshop is tomorrow and I cannot wait to hang out with my cute ladies!  We are gonna have a blast! In the meantime.. Ive been sewing like a mad women to get stuff finished before my class this weekend.  And cleaning the old sweat shop!  seriously... It was time.. Thanks to my bestie Carrie I was able to get it done in no time!  She is one bad a$# chick that just knows how to get stuff done! Id be lost with out her.

Today I was featured on Better After!  I love her blog, it is soo fun to see what people can create from pretty fugly stuff!  Not even joking.  You should follow her, plus her writing is hilarious!

I hope you all are enjoying the weather, I know I try.. when I am not slipcovering the world one chair, couch and window seat bench at a time.. Thats literally what it feels like right now.. I am hoping I can survive the next month.

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