Heavy on the starch please

Yesterday I dropped off a finished slipcovers to a darling client of mine.  When she contacted me about slipcovering her settee she already had her fabric washed and ready to go.  In fact she brought me everything the next day!  I am always happy to squeeze people in that are ready to go! When i went to her house to fit her settee she had already slipcovered to big ottomans in her front room out of the same fabric.  What a go getter!!  She did not want to tackle the settee, hence the reason she called me.  Here is what her settee looked like before:

She wanted to add a 1" pleated skirt that started where the original fabric ended, to match her ottomans.  she chose a red and tan sear sucker (minus the pucker) fabric that was awesome!  It reminded me of some of my dad's dress shirts he wears to work.  He loves a good "heavy on the starch" shirt from the dry cleaners.  I always wanted to break the seal on the front pocket, but that was the part he loved the most! A nice crisp shirt!  Sure Id imagine that much starch was like wearing a cardboard box but my favorite thing to do was break that seal when the shirts went back into the "dry cleaning" pile.. It so funny what your remember as a kid. Anyways, back to the point..  Here is the after:

She was so happy with how they turned out! And how fast I was able to get it done.  We ran the stripe on the skirt the opposite way of the body and cushion to match the skirts on her ottomans.  I really like how it breaks up the stripe and gives it a bit of interest.  I also made her a new couch cushion cover for her cool antique couch but she was not ready to put it on yet.  Her whole front room now feels soo cheery!

Here is another project I have been working on the side..

How great are these??  Thanksgiving Point is having me make a bunch of these to give to every Bride and groom that books a wedding with them this year!  They are Euro sized pillows WITH down inserts!  They turned out far better than I could have imagined!  I have another batch to start in a week or so and Ive had a lot of interest in them for wedding gifts.  They are printed on a nice heavy off white twill cotton with black printing and the finished size is 24"x24".  Contact me if you want a set.  $65 for the pair of covers or $100 for the covers WITH down inserts.  Not a bad way to make yourself look like the "wedding gift giver" hero! 

On to another project I've got going... its that time again to start gearing up for Swiss Days.. I have been collecting fabrics for pillows and chairs and I need your help!

Which fabric do you like for a pair of chairs???

#1 - Taupeish grey and soft white ikat

#2 - faded grey linen textured floral with greens and oranges

I love them both soo much but I can't decide! Soo.. I want to hear what you think!

 I hope you all enjoy your saturday, I know I will...after I clean the house and go grocery shopping.. Wish me luck at Costco...yikes!

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