Different, yet same..

Happy Saturday to my 4 followers!  I hope you are enjoying yours as much as I am enjoying mine!  I kicked off the weekend by riding in the Clayton Martin Clinic at the barn Friday morning and again this morning.  I love when he comes to town, I feel like we have eye opening moments that help me and my horses' progression in our training!  I know, this sounds like spanish to most, but I had 2 really great rides and I am feeling on top of the world! This is where my husband would roll his eyes... but hey, he supports me so that is all I could ask for...right?  This is my heaven when I am not with my family! I am a victim of loving a "rich man's sport" on a "poor man's budget"...my fellow horse people will know what I am talking about... lol!

On to business...
I am getting really excited for my Slipcover 101 Workshop next week!  I had one spot come available   so if you think you can get fabric and a chair together by Friday morning, let me know.. I'd love to have one you join the class! It going to be a lot of fun and you'll get to take home a finished project! Even better! Plus I have met a few of my ladies and they are amazing!!

This week I had 2 different clients with 2 different chairs, but they went with the same cotton print! Well.. sort of.. same print, different colors.  I am loving this print they picked and I better, I picked up 20 yards for pillows and a pair of chairs I'll be slipcovering for Swiss Days!

First up, this chair..

It has a great shape and the legs are pretty great!  My client did not really care what kind of skirt we did, which  I loved because I could add a 2" knife pleat to it.  I loved how it turned out and so did my client!

Its such great print and with this soft neutral color it mellows it down quit a bit!  The skirt dolls up the shape of the chair too!  This fabric was so great to work with, which was good, because I had another chair to do out of the blue version of it! Plus it has a "slubby" texture to it which I love!

This is the other chair I worked on this week..  I feel like this chair would belong amongst Ron Burgundy's flute collection.  It has a very "regal" appearance...

Its super curvy and just screams formal!!  Well, my friends, I changed all that!  Now check out this bad boy with a more happy and inviting look.  I kept all the lines the same as well as leaving off a skirt.

I just love LOVE the after of this chair!  It couldn't have turned out better!  It makes me excited for the yellow version!! I can't wait for my client to see it in person!  

Its amazing what a change in fabric will do to the look of a chair.  Both fabrics were purchased at Home Fabrics and I believe they still have some left...just saying.. Here is a teaser for ya.

Its pretty great!  I also wanted to remind you that I have this darling settee still available.. It can be seen at the Thanksgiving Point Emporium in Lehi.  $899 for Settee with removable and washable custom fitted slipcover!

Enjoy the rest of your saturday!!

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