March Madness

Here is my  monthly wrap up... because I suck at blogging and I can't sit still long enough to get it done.. So I am gonna just jump on into the some pretty great wingback chair redos..  The funny thing is... the wingback chairs are the exact same, just 2 different clients!  They both scored the chairs at Crazy Charlies and man oh man.. I love them!  I am hoping they get more in so I can snag some.. You'll see what I mean here in a minute.

Client #1 is a repeat client and she was in need of some chairs for her hubby's St. George office.  She is pretty much a magician when it comes to picking out fabric.  I love when I get her calls, because I know its gonna be bomb! Here are the chairs before:

Patiently waiting for some covers... well my friends, what no longer!  She chose the most amazing navy and grey tweed like fabric with a small chevron pattern in the fabric weave.  I about died when I picked it up for her! My heart may have stopped for a second.. out of pure joy.  Because look at the after:

Um... I am pretty sure everyone needs a little of "this" in their life..  I sure as hell know I do!  I was more than thrilled with how they turned out! You would have no clue these were slipcovers unless I told you...  Ok, you think these are great, well lets shift gears for a minute and go with something a little greige... and buffalo check. Client #2..  Who is also a repeat client of mine that also appreciates a good fabric!  Remember, same chairs, different client.  Here is the after:

I've said it before and I'll say it again... This buffalo check is amaze balls!!  It can practically go with ANYTHING!  While I was there look at other furniture for her I saw the chairs I did for her last summer, still looking fantastic as ever!

Alright, enough of the wingback chairs.. This next chair was for a friend in my ward who moved to St. George a few months ago.  She had a chair that she wanted slipcovered, next thing I know I have a green swivel rocker sitting in the car port with a roll of fabric to go with it.. I love it!  So naturally, I went to work.  I forgot to snag a before picture of it but let me tell you, the after is MUCHO better!  We kept the lines of the chair the same and I used every single square inch of fabric to bust this slipcover out... What do you think?

Because I was tight on fabric I was able to match the pattern in the most important places.. but look how great it looks!  You never know there was a green velour tufted chair underneath...  She absolutely loved it! Plus its a swivel rocker, which are one of my most favorite chairs ever!

My next client is soo dang cute and it turns out our families go way back!  I just happen to be like 10 years older than her.. but when we made the connection, it was like we instantly  meant to work together!  She has thee most darling house ever!  you need to follow her feed on insta... paper.whites.decor  You won't be disappointed.. I promise! Anyways, she contacted me originally about slipcovering a couch that she had, but was pretty much done with.  She knew she wanted white, but she was not in love with the shape of her couch in general.  When she sent me her inspiration pic I answered back with the best answer to the awkward couch problem.. Instead of spending another $200 on a new seat cushion, how about buying 2 new couches with the very look you are wanting.. for the same price as a new cushion!  No joke!  I happened to be at Crazy Charlies and came across a pair of these... 

Did I mention that they had a bench cushion and 2 plush back pillows? and that they are Pottery Barn.  Ya.. She got them for $100 ea!! Of course I grabbed them for her and from there her imagination went wild!  We ended up giving these two couches 2 options as for as back cushions go.. The original back cushions looked awkward and out of place so I had them cut down by 5 inches and sewn together to make one single long lumbar cushion.  She also loved the look of having a bunch of euros  to throw on there, so I  made 5 per couch.  I love how they turned out!  Sure washing and ironing 50+ yards of fabric is pure hell, but its well worth it in this case!  Plus she got amazing duck canvas for $5 a yard!  

These slipcovers are 100% kid, husband and pet friendly, even tho they are the dreaded white!  You can pop them in the wash anytime!  We did a waterfall skirt with a blind hem.  I love the 2 options she has for pillows, both look fabulous!  She was over the moon thrilled with the results!  Her next project she has for me is gonna be even more amazing, so stay tuned!  But seriously, go check her feed out because she takes way better pictures than I do... She does the couches justice! 

This next client is also a repeat client.  She found me about a year ago and I have done a bunch of chairs for her, including these awesome pink chairs! I have had this parsons chair for her since last year, she just had not figured out what to do with them.. till now!

She picked a navy cotton with a cream ticking stripe.  We kept the lines the same, but look at what a difference fresh fabric makes!

And finally.. a baby rocker.. This one is for my cousin who I just adore!  she is literally due any minute with her first boy (she has 2 adorable girls) and we can't wait!  She found her rocker at Down East, but it needed a slipcover.  All I can say is she can pick out fabric!  This is one of my favorite rockers yet!  She went with a super fun print that to me, is perfect!  Its a gun metal grey geometric cotton that will hold up to nursery use like a boss! I mean.. come on..

Soo great!  Right?!  Its so great that I may have ordered 26 yards to do something with... Yes, I know I have a problem, but its a great problem to have!  Did I mention that she is the bomb at eyebrow microblading?  ya, you should follow her on insta lhbrows  Its amazing!  I got mine done, I never knew I could have such awesome natural looking eyebrows!  Plus she is a pretty great person to hang out with while she is tattooing you up some fabulous brows!

Now that I am some what caught up I am thinking of doing a Slipcover 101 Workshop sometime in May.  Email me if you want to get not the list.  I can only take 4 students and at the moment I have 3 who are waiting for me to nail down a date.. the class is $400 for 2 days of sewing slipcovers like the wind!

Also, stay tuned for some great pieces of furniture that will be for sale, slipcovered by me, ready to be enjoyed by someone other than me..  I really am like the cat lady of furniture. I am trying to part with a few of my pieces, so that means you guys get to reap the rewards! You can follow me on instagram at kmort2424  because I am too lazy to switch between accounts, and the bulk of all my redos are on there... so go!  Until next month!


  1. You really got to get yourself an old ironite rolling ironing machine. It can press 20 yards of fabric in 20 minutes. It's a lifesaver. I found mine on KSL for $125

  2. Katie just did an outstanding job on a beautiful floral slipcover for an accent chair of mine (34 years old!!) It looks so fresh and new in my newly painted master bedroom. Her workmanship is excellent and the turn-around on the project was fast!!


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