Saggy bags of sadness

I am feeling super great about myself! I mean, another post within a week or so of the last one?! Can I get a high five?! You are welcome:).
I had the chance to work on another cute settee for a repeat client of mine.  She brought me her first piece to cover a few years ago, I remember she showed up at my house on a little scooter to show me what she wanted done and ended up getting stuck at my house because of a torrential down poor! So when she called me up to work on her new piece she started off the convo by saying, " do you remember me? The lady who rode her scooter in the rain?!" Lol!! She is such a doll!  Anyways, she found this great settee and wanted to Slipcover it to match her other settee.. White linen with a very full gathered skirt!  I had her order her linen from, I love their linens, soo much that my couch Slipcovers are made from their heavy linen, they have held up great against heavy use and they wash up like a dream! Here is her settee before:
It was in excellent condition! But because we used white linen it needed to be lined.  Here is the after! 
It couldn't of turned out better!  I made sure that she had a very full gathered skirt.  I cut the skirt longer as well, so that it would puddle nicely on the floor. I don't know about you but there is something dreamy about this combo!! She was soo happy with the results!

Today I was able to drop off a sectional for a friend.  She is my favorite and I'll tell you why... She bought a new sectional to put in their family room, which in turn would replace their old one and retire it to the basement.  It was a great sectional, it was just brown and flat!  When the new one was delivered they quickly found out that the old one would not fit down the stairs to the basement..yikes!  So.. She was forced to put the new sectional down stairs (because it fit) and deal with the big brown sectional upstairs.. But, lucky for her she called me!  I was able to have her cushions restuffed to look brand new and.. We changed the brown to a fabulous grey!  Check out the before!
Ok.. It's not bad because this picture was taken AFTER her cushions were stuffed.. They literally were empty sacks of sadness..but man oh man! After a good refill they plumped right up! Just like a good boob job😳. Seriously!  They look fantastic!  Ok, now here is the after:
And of course a shot if her beautiful new built-ins she had made!
Her family room looks soo much bigger and brighter now! It's crazy how that happens!  She was so happy with the results! And the bonus of this is... this sectional is more comfy than the new one she bought! Winning!!!

I have some fun pieces I am covering this week and I am in love with the fabrics! Stay tuned!!

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