No more monkeys EATING on the bench!

My client had this bench cushion that she needed a new cover for. She said her kids have just had their way with it. When I asked her if she wants to keep the original fabric, which was NOT removable, she said nay!! So I cut that sucker off and plumped her up with some new batting. She picked up some awesome linen from Hancock Fabrics. Its amazing! I love linen. I don't think you can ever go wrong with it, which is funny because I had another client drop off some cushions earlier in the week for her rocker and what do ya know...she had the very same fabric! anyways.. She said her kids have been missing the bench cushions this week, but she has a litter surprise for them: NO MORE EATING ON THE CUSHION!! I had to laugh! Lucky for her I put a zipper along the back so she cant remove it and wash it incase those monkeys sneak a treat...


I had another client drop off a couch today that will be a super fun project! I can't wait to show the results next week!

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