Rock a bye bye bye!

This client had some glider cushions the were in need up an update. They have definitely been used! It is going to be a gift for her daughter.

I always wonder why manufacturers don't put zippers or velcro on these things....I just know how my babies were....reflux! need I say more. So for my client I made hers with zippers so they could be removed and laundered as needed. Her fabric was awesome! She said her daughter is really into the burlap look, but burlap on the cheeks is not too soft! So this fabric was a great substitute! I must admit, I never really hit Hancocks Fabric, its not on my usual route...But my last few clients have found super great fabric there. I guess I need to pay them visit! anyways, she went with a cotton/rayon blend that has an "oatmeal linen" look to it.

I am really excited to start on my next job. My client brought me the really great couch with awesome character. I am starting it tonight. the transformations is gonna be sweet!! Happy Tuesday!

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