She flew the coop!

Can I first of all just tell you now much I love this client of mine! She is soo sweet! When she contacted me she was trying to decide whether she should slipcover her chair or just get a new one. Well guess what...we slipped it! It was away with the "chicken coop" theme and off to a new and completely different look. I love how the original fabric has a faint, raised chicken wire pattern. Lol!

Now check it out!! The chair and cushion are out a heavy patterned upholstery fabric and then the pipping is out of a nice solid neutral fabric. I have to say, i had a love/hate relationship with this fabric. It was fabulous, don't get me wrong but it was heavy to work with! I managed to get the fit as tight as I could. This type of fabric is heavy nd durable, but there is almost NO give! I may have said a few (a lot) of curse words getting thru this one and yes, I had to talk dirty to my sewing machine to get the job done....But I got it done!

I also did a window seat cushion for her. It was a mere 100" long!! I had to sew a few pieces of foam together to get the right length. She used the piping fabric from the chair for the main fabric and then main fabric from the chair as her piping. All I can say is I'd like to take a nap in that window!!!

and to top it off, we made 2 pillows to tie everything together! It all turned out great!

On a side is a picture of some curtains and baby bedding I did for a client back in January. She texted me pics today. So cute!

Good news! I am almost half way thru my shows on my DVR from last week. Sheesh! But I am happy to report that I am all caught up on MTV The Challenge. Yes, its total trash and I love every second of it!!!

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  1. Katie - I LOVE my chair, window cushion, and pillows! You did such an amazing job!! I'm sorry the fabric was so hard to work with but very thankful that you were up for the challenge! :)

    Your "flew the coop" title cracked me up! My friend actually just gave me that chair for this specific project. Roosters aren't quite my taste! ;)

    Again, thank you so much for the amazing work. I will email you pictures ASAP and hopefully send more work your way!


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