its about time!

So this post is about an awesome client of mine! She had a great little sectional that had been slipcovered, but her kids had really "worn" it down, like to the threads. It was in need of a makeover to say the least. She contacted me back in February of this year while I was still in St. George. She knew she wanted it done, but could not decide on fabric. time went on. I'd get random texts about what fabric to get, and sometimes while I was out sourcing fabric I'd send her pics, but nothing really worked for her. She wanted something with texture that would be washable and super durable. We were striking out left and right! Fast forward to October. She found fabric!! Sweet! But one problem. The fabric store had limited yardage and she really wanted a pleated skirt. After going back and forth she decided to get the fabric and ditch the skirt. Problem solved. well... almost. I knew we were going to be super tight on fabric so she decided to change up the piping on the cushions and leave the couch trim the same as the main fabric. Now I was ready to rock and roll! Here is her before picture of the sectional..

Here is the after! We got rid of the skirt and still made it functional with the sleeper bed inside. She found a fabric for the cushion piping to coordinate with the rest of the fabric, which happened to be the "wrong" side of the fabric. The colors were a perfect match! Sometimes thinking outside of the box pays off big time! here is the after. Just a note..I hate that it gets dark early and it makes my horrible photo skill look even worse.. ugh!!!

The new slipcover really cleans up the look of the couch. We went with a pillow style cushion for the back cushions and tightened everything up.. It looks soo fresh and clean and it only took us 9 months to get it one...lo1!

I finally have some stuff up in my etsy shop and if you are local you can see it all at the Thanksgiving Point Emporium! I am working on a few chairs and a chaise this week. Its amazing how time flies when you get busy... Pretty soon its going to be New Years!! and yes, we are still not in our little house... But I am hanging in there!

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