It's go time!

So I have been playing catch up now that I have a place to work out of.. Like working like a crazy lady catch-up.. Its a good thing I love making slipcovers! So in 4 days I managed to make and sew a sectional and cushions, some wingback cushions and make slipcovers for a pair of wingback chairs a client purchased from me! Seriously! I was able to drop off the wingback chairs tonight and boy was my client thrilled! Remember this little story.. well, I am happy to report that my client was able to get her matching chairs and is happy as can be! My client is a retired interior designer from California. She wanted this chair from the second she saw it but was a little too late at "claiming" it hers. So I was able to make her a pair of them to go at each end of her kitchen table. Here they are! She had all of her Christmas decor out ready for the season. Her home had a european country vibe to it, lots of pale yellows, whites and treys injected with blues here and there as well as some rustic pieces to give it a more worn feeling. I love how the chairs pop at the heads of the table! **Forgive the horrible quality photos, it was night, she had her Christmas decor lit and it was dark in the room... agh! But still this will give you an idea..

Here are a few shots with the flash on..

I wish I could have dropped them off in the day to get better pics, but hey.. beggars can't be choosers! She was beyond thrilled about how her chairs turned out! She sent me away with her dining room chair cushions and bar stool cushions because she wanted me to make coordinates to go with her new chairs!

I also made a few seat cushions for a friend that tackled reupholstered her wing back chairs. I love it when people get ambitious and tackle that kind of project! She ran out of steam when it came to the cushions.. Um... I may have a crush on her fabric!!

I am hoping that Home Fabrics gets another shipment of this cause it is amazing!!! and lastly I finished up a sectional but you won't see this one till the end of the week after I am able to drop it off. I can't wait to see how it turned out, we got creative, to say the least. I have a few more pieces of furniture that I will be putting in my easy shop (ya, I know, I have an easy shop that has sat empty for like, forever!) so stay tuned!!!! I am also booking for January 2015. Where has the time gone!? And no, we are still not in our house yet. Pray for me!!!

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