Beaten with the FUGLY stick!

I really felt this title was appropriate for what you are about to see. Once you see it, you can't un-see it! These 2 chairs are that bad! Luckily they belong to a good friend of mine, and she had the vision! These 2 chairs have been thru a lot but hey, thats what I am here for...right? I have seen my fair share of "worn" furniture, but my friend..this one wins!
Are you scared yet? I was! Let me tell you how old these chairs are. They were made with tack nails, burlap and horse hair filling! Yikes! (Not to mention the crap that a came out of them from being used...I'll spare you that part) I had to gut them to the bones and start fresh. Once I cleaned them up they took shape beautifully! I am not gonna lie, I was a little scared of this one. I had to think about the construction for a day. But I got it! She picked out some awesome fabric to upholster them in and we kept as much as the original nail head trim as we could. Usually when removing them the nail bends, so it got a little trick trying to reuse them...
Amazing!! I love seeing the finished product, especially after all the time it took in my head to work it out! She wanted to leave the wood in its original state to give them that vintage look. I love the pairing of the wood and the fabric! On another note...we returned form our "white trash" vaca in Mesquite, NV. The kids had a blast, I did not win the progressive but I do have a fabulous tan and...our house SOLD while I was away!! YAY!! We are super excited, a cute family came thru and loved it! Bad news: I am booked all thru Aug and part of sept.. SO I am having to move clients around to accommodate the move. Luckily I have awesome clients who are willing to put up with me! SO if this is one of you, and you know who you are, THANK YOU!!! Now, does anyone have a place we can rent while we build.... LOL, Just though I would ask... So this means I will be running around like a crazy person for the next few weeks cause they only gave us 30 days! We will, however have a garage sale in the next few week and I have some good stuff to sell... just saying!

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