Ohhhh! Look at that body!!!

I thought I'd drop a line while I am melting in mesquite on my "white trash" vacation with my kids, mom and my aunts and cousins.... It's probably 110 here at the Casa Blaca! Yikes!! The people watching has just been phenomenal! Every July we pack up and stay for a few days and just swim! We actually stay in the bungalows... It's the only way you can get me and my mom down here! If you ever are feeling down about your looks.. Head here for a day or 2, you'll be feeling much better in about 2.5 seconds! Speaking of bodies...I got a call from a cute gal who needed 3 covers made for some body pillows. She wanted to put them on her sectional. Her fabric was amazing!!! I thinks that's one of my favorite parts of my job... Seeing what others bring me to create! So she had me do 1 pillow front/back in a black and cream raised velvet trellis pattern. The other 2 were a combo or a rust orange and rust red chevron on one side and the other side in the Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon print. They turned out awesome!!

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