Color Pop

Brian Clark contacted me to make some pillow covers for the 2012 DIY Blogger House that will be in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes. Brian picked out some pretty awesome fabrics, which by the way...were all bought at local fabric stores! He left me speechless and a tid bit annoyed that he got a few of them from Home Fabrics...for $4.99 a yard!! And that he beat me to it! Haha. No hard felings, but i am teling you, Home Fabrics is treasure chest, you just have to be willing to dig! Back to the pillows... The fabrics are super fun and full of great pops of color. I cant wait to see how it will all come together! So I made 3, 20x20 pillows in each of these two prints:
We did 2, 20x20 of this fabric:
And 2. 26x26 of each of these prints:
Love them ALL! Now can you pick out the fabric that was so fabulously discovered at Home Fabrics??


  1. You did a beautiful job making these pillows. Which ones are from Home Fabrics?

  2. The geometric pattern and the charcoal grey with the greenish floral print!! I was ticked when he told me that. lol!


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